Sam Zherka

“I came to witness countless examples of Sam Zherka’s generosity and humanity towards others.”

By: Melissa Williams

Investment advisor, Santo Agostino has known Sam Zherka for approximately 16 years. “We met through mutual friends and have formed a very close and strong friendship,” he says. “My fondness and respect for Sammy grew more and more over time as I came to witness countless examples of his generosity and humanity towards others, especially those less fortunate.”

“I was in the office one day when one of his tenants, a single mother, called in response to a form letter sent to her regarding her failure to pay her rent for several months,” he recalled. “In response to her explanation of her personal financial hardships, he demonstrated a level of sensitivity I have witnessed on many other occasions, and allowed her to remain in her apartment until she got back onto her feet. Sammy has always been the kind of person who would never turn his back on someone in need and tries to help everyone, whether family, friend, or a member of the community.”

Zherka purchased toys to bring to Maria Fareri Hospital in Westchester and Agostino was also there dressed as Santa Claus. “Sam wanted to be sure we visited each and every room that was occupied by a sick child. As we walked in, to deliver the toys, it was evident that he felt the pain for these children as I saw the tears roll down his cheeks. Sam was happy to bring a little joy to these children in the spirit of Christmas.”

“Jess Campion, a firefighter friend of ours who recently lost his life, made Sammy aware of a child diagnosed with cancer who had been released from Sloan Kettering and lived out of State, but required coding locally to continue his health care. Sammy responded to this need and wrote a check to cover the amount needed,” explained Agostino.

When Agostino’s son was wrongfully terminated from his job, he did not have the money for litigation. Sammy came to his aid, and Agostinos son was able to win a settlement and regain his position. “At the time of the settlement, Sam’s money was returned to him, even though he never asked for it.”

“I know Sammy Zherka to be a proud, generous, compassionate, and humble individual who has risen from poverty through ingenuity, hard work, and drive,” concluded Agsotino.


Gordon E. Moore

Gordon E. Moore was born on January 3, 1929 in San Francisco California. Moore is an American engineer and cofounder, with Robert Noyce, of Intel Corporation.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree in 1950, from the University of California, Berkeley. In 1954 he received his Ph.D. in chemistry and physics from California Institute of Technology. Moore soon realized that private industry offered more exciting research with greater potential rewards. In 1956 he began to work for Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory; the laboratory was researching manufacturing methods for silicon-based transistors. In 1968 Moore established Intel Corporation, and they decided to merge theory and practice by forcing research scientists and engineers to work directly on the production of chips, especially the magnetic oxide semiconductor memory chips that became Intel’s first big commercial success.

Moore was vice president from 1968 to 1975, president from 1975 to 1979, chief executive officer from 1975 to 1987 and lastly chairman of the board of directors from 1979 to 1997) of Intel Corporation. In 1993 he became chairman of the board of trustees of Caltech. in 1990, Moore was awarded the National Medal of Technology.

Aside from the accomplishments previously listed, Moore is best known for a special issue of the journal Electronics. Moore was asked to predict developments over the next decade. Moore formulated Moore’s law: The number of transistors per silicon chip doubles each year.


Sam Zherka

“That’s the kind of man Sam Zherka is.”

By: Melissa Williams

Part 3

Just as life was looking pretty good for Perales, his father died unexpectedly at a young age and he became distraught with grief. It ruined him mentally, physically, emotionally, and he felt as if he had lost it all. At this time Perales had just become involved in a new relationship and had another daughter and stepson to provide for.

“Zherka gave my fiancé at the time, a job in the office as a secretary, because he knew everything that was going on at the time; even though I was trying to keep him in the dark. The last thing I wanted was for him to find out that I had gone down this dark path of alcoholism and self-destruction. He helped pay for the funeral and bought beautiful flowers for my father, whom he had only met a few times, but that is just the kind of guy Sam is. Sam knew I was suffering, and my problem became his problem.”

After the funeral, Zherka had asked Perales to come to his office so they could speak. Zherka then took Perales on a ride with him to run some errands, Perales didn’t know what he did to earn a spot in Zherka’s busy life. Zherka ended up talking about his older brother who had died tragically in a car accident. Perales said Zherka explained to him how much he had suffered over the incident, but that he quickly learned to be strong for those that needed him, most importantly his niece and nephew who were now orphans.

Perales quickly realized that he was broken and had not been focusing on his family. After that car ride with Zherka, Perales became so motivated, he got himself mentally and physically healthy and for years he was in a good place. Unfortunately, Perales was involved in a horrible life-threatening a car accident.

“It was horrible for me. My wife and I had broken up, and she had just relocated to Florida. I had just started my own small building management company which Sam help me create. I was getting on my feet and then I had the rug pulled out from under my feet. I was sedated for two weeks to allow my body to heal so they could prep me for surgery. Sam visited me from time to time to talk to me, and although I was unconscious I heard him and all my family members that were there pushing me to make it through. When I woke up my room was filled with flowers and balloons from everyone and it was all Sam’s doing. He wanted to make sure I woke up to a room full of love and he called me to tell me not to worry about any bills, to rest up and get better. He let me know that he would take care of everything financially and gave me the extra boost to pull through, that’s the kind of man Sam Zherka is.”


Sam Zherka

“If I worked hard and learned from someone successful, I too could be something better.”

By: Melissa Williams

Part 2

Perales said he was always able to catch on quickly with any job task, he was always looking for opportunities to make more money and he loved the feeling of being  proud of himself for doing it. At this time, Perales had a baby on the way, so he was mainly proud of earning money the clean away, by the sweat of his brow. “If I worked hard and learned from someone successful, I too could be something better,” stated Perales. “I had a reawakening and decided I would become a born again Christian, because of my daughters mother.”

Due to this important decision I had made, I had to leave for number of years while I was in transition. Although most people made fun of me, Zherka always praised me. He never judged me or shunned me for my decision to leave.

Perales continued on to say that his relationship with his daughter’s mother did not end up working out, and that he did decide to try and maintain his relationship with Christ, he would pray everyday and do the best he could to remain faithful.

After working some odd jobs, Perales decided to reach out to Zherka to see if he would allow him to come back to the office. “He did without hesitation and I began to pick up where I left off years prior. We were transitioning a short time after my return, from nightclubs to Gentleman’s Clubs. I was worried about being unemployed soon, but Sam always reassured me he would always find a spot for me.”

“Boy, was I relived to know I could still provide for my daughter. Though most of the nightclub crew disbanded, Sam found things to do for those who were left. I was learning about maintenance and all things that had to do with keeping a building in check. It took all year to get the hang of it, but once I did, I was off and running, Sam gave me a free apartment as compensation for my time,” said Perales.


Sam Zherka

“Sammy was the kind of guy who invited everyone he knew for a meal or a job, whenever he could,” said Hector Perales.

By: Melissa Williams

Part 1

Hector Perales said everyone in the neighborhood knew Sam Zherka, but he personally knew and respected him as a businessman who became successful at a young age. “Sammy was the kind of guy who invited everyone he knew for a meal or a job, whenever he could,” said Perales. Perales recalls hanging out with Zherka in his office playing with his Rottweiler ‘Butchy’. “He was a tough dog, but once you got to know him, he was a teddy bear.. kind of like Sam,” Perales added. “A really rough exterior and kind of intimidating, but underneath he is a kind, giving, loving person.”

As time passed by, Perales went his own way for awhile. He ended up taking a wrong turn, started to hang out with the wrong crowd, and began to get into some trouble. Perales ended up running into Zherka, who immediately noticed he was wearing the signature beads that signified the crew he was hanging out with.

“He immediately took me to the side and asked me ‘what the hell was wrong with me’? I responded by saying ‘nothing man i’m getting my bones, my street cred.’ He looked me in the eyes with disgust, but more disappointment, than anything,” explained Perales.

“Papi, you doing the wrong thing, he said. I don’t want to see you end up in a bad situation. So listen, how about you come to the office, hang out, clean sweep, run errands for me and you’ll make a few bucks, and stay away from those losers you’ve been hanging out with,” said Perales quoting Zherka. Perales said a couple of days had gone by, and that he had continued to stay out late and get in trouble. He quickly realized Zherka might be right, so he decided to go check out his office.

Perales was about 19 at the time so his journey lead him to the world of living a straight line, and being a man who learned to stand up for what he believed in. Perales couldn’t stress enough how important it is to be a man of your word, as well as someone who can look in the mirror every single day and be proud of what they see. Perales says Zherka always taught him to be proud, whether he had $20 or $20,000, as long as you earned it the right way. Zherka also stressed that you should never take what does not belong to you, as well as never bite the hand that feeds you.

Hand emerging from the dark

Sam Zherka

“Sam is man of passion and principle. He prides himself on good work ethic and being a man of his word.”

By: Melissa Williams

As a real estate investor, developer, and consultant, Sam Zherka has successfully financed hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate transactions on top of managing thousands of residential and commercial units. Zherka’s career began at the early age of 17, when he began buying and selling buildings in the Bronx in the 1980’s. Zherka’s track record demonstrates excellent relationships with his lenders over the decades.

In the 80’s and 90’s, he worked with Manhattan Savings Bank, Bankers Federal, Dime of Williamsburg, and North Fork Bank. In the 2000’s, Zherka developed more successful relationships with Capital One, Signature Bank, Investors Savings, and German Financial.

Zherka has mastered the art of creating value in commercial property and multi-family residential properties. He has a keen ability to tap upside potentials through renovations, capital improvements, and life enhancing amenities. Closing his first deal at the age of 17, Zherka has been passionate about real estate investment for over three decades. Sam has worked with clients to develop their portfolios, personally helping to add hundreds of millions of value in assets. In over 30 years of experience, completing 100+ commercial transactions, Zherka’s track record is solid and impeccable. The Executive Vice-President and Chairman of the Commercial Real Estate Committee of Signature Bank, one of the most active commercial lenders in the Northeast, said of Zherka, that he has known him for about 12 to 13 years, and that he has originated loans on 25 to 30 properties totaling over $100 million. Zherka has always lived up to the terms of all of the agreements and he is a knowledgeable real estate investor and keeps his properties well maintained. The executive continued on to say he considers Zherka a valued client and he is always eager to provide financing on his properties. He believes Zherka is savvy enough not to over-leverage his buildings, therefore in a poor market he is able to continue to make his mortgage loan payments.

Indeed, Sam is man of passion and principle. He prides himself on good work ethic and being a man of his word. Sam values people, and has demonstrated his belief that the key to success is investing in people and relationships. His commitment to personal excellence and relationship building is in his proven track record of innovative problem solving and creative business development for his clients.iStock-516780641.jpg

Jude Reyes

“Reyes Beverage Group produces more than 100 million cases of beers every year. The Martin-Brower Company is the world’s largest supplier to McDonald’s. The Company has distribution operations all over the world.”

By: Melissa Williams

Jude Reyes is the co-chairman of Reyes Holdings, which is a food and beverage distributor that pulled in about $27 billion in revenues last year. Reyes was born in 1955, and Wofford College graduate. He currently lives with his family in Palm Beach in Florida.

Reyes runs his company, Reyes Holdings, with his brother Christopher. Reyes and Christopher, who is his closest relative, own the company along with brother David Reyes. Brothers James and Tom Reyes are executives at Reyes’ beverage division. In April 2016, Reyes said the company would acquire 6 Coca-Cola bottling facilities; this followed and earlier move made back in 2015 which was moving into soda distribution. The company signed a deal to be a Coca-Cola distributor in the greater Chicago area. The other parts of the company include Reyes Beverage Group, the largest beer distributor in the U.S, Martin-Brower, which is the biggest food distributor to McDonald’s, and food distributor Reinhart Foodservice. Reyes Holdings was able to startup his business journey back in 1976, when his family purchased a small beer distributor for $740,000.