Jude Reyes

“Reyes Beverage Group produces more than 100 million cases of beers every year. The Martin-Brower Company is the world’s largest supplier to McDonald’s. The Company has distribution operations all over the world.”

By: Melissa Williams

Jude Reyes is the co-chairman of Reyes Holdings, which is a food and beverage distributor that pulled in about $27 billion in revenues last year. Reyes was born in 1955, and Wofford College graduate. He currently lives with his family in Palm Beach in Florida.

Reyes runs his company, Reyes Holdings, with his brother Christopher. Reyes and Christopher, who is his closest relative, own the company along with brother David Reyes. Brothers James and Tom Reyes are executives at Reyes’ beverage division. In April 2016, Reyes said the company would acquire 6 Coca-Cola bottling facilities; this followed and earlier move made back in 2015 which was moving into soda distribution. The company signed a deal to be a Coca-Cola distributor in the greater Chicago area. The other parts of the company include Reyes Beverage Group, the largest beer distributor in the U.S, Martin-Brower, which is the biggest food distributor to McDonald’s, and food distributor Reinhart Foodservice. Reyes Holdings was able to startup his business journey back in 1976, when his family purchased a small beer distributor for $740,000.


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