Sam Zherka

“Sam is man of passion and principle. He prides himself on good work ethic and being a man of his word.”

By: Melissa Williams

As a real estate investor, developer, and consultant, Sam Zherka has successfully financed hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate transactions on top of managing thousands of residential and commercial units. Zherka’s career began at the early age of 17, when he began buying and selling buildings in the Bronx in the 1980’s. Zherka’s track record demonstrates excellent relationships with his lenders over the decades.

In the 80’s and 90’s, he worked with Manhattan Savings Bank, Bankers Federal, Dime of Williamsburg, and North Fork Bank. In the 2000’s, Zherka developed more successful relationships with Capital One, Signature Bank, Investors Savings, and German Financial.

Zherka has mastered the art of creating value in commercial property and multi-family residential properties. He has a keen ability to tap upside potentials through renovations, capital improvements, and life enhancing amenities. Closing his first deal at the age of 17, Zherka has been passionate about real estate investment for over three decades. Sam has worked with clients to develop their portfolios, personally helping to add hundreds of millions of value in assets. In over 30 years of experience, completing 100+ commercial transactions, Zherka’s track record is solid and impeccable. The Executive Vice-President and Chairman of the Commercial Real Estate Committee of Signature Bank, one of the most active commercial lenders in the Northeast, said of Zherka, that he has known him for about 12 to 13 years, and that he has originated loans on 25 to 30 properties totaling over $100 million. Zherka has always lived up to the terms of all of the agreements and he is a knowledgeable real estate investor and keeps his properties well maintained. The executive continued on to say he considers Zherka a valued client and he is always eager to provide financing on his properties. He believes Zherka is savvy enough not to over-leverage his buildings, therefore in a poor market he is able to continue to make his mortgage loan payments.

Indeed, Sam is man of passion and principle. He prides himself on good work ethic and being a man of his word. Sam values people, and has demonstrated his belief that the key to success is investing in people and relationships. His commitment to personal excellence and relationship building is in his proven track record of innovative problem solving and creative business development for his clients.iStock-516780641.jpg

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