Sam Zherka

“If I worked hard and learned from someone successful, I too could be something better.”

By: Melissa Williams

Part 2

Perales said he was always able to catch on quickly with any job task, he was always looking for opportunities to make more money and he loved the feeling of being  proud of himself for doing it. At this time, Perales had a baby on the way, so he was mainly proud of earning money the clean away, by the sweat of his brow. “If I worked hard and learned from someone successful, I too could be something better,” stated Perales. “I had a reawakening and decided I would become a born again Christian, because of my daughters mother.”

Due to this important decision I had made, I had to leave for number of years while I was in transition. Although most people made fun of me, Zherka always praised me. He never judged me or shunned me for my decision to leave.

Perales continued on to say that his relationship with his daughter’s mother did not end up working out, and that he did decide to try and maintain his relationship with Christ, he would pray everyday and do the best he could to remain faithful.

After working some odd jobs, Perales decided to reach out to Zherka to see if he would allow him to come back to the office. “He did without hesitation and I began to pick up where I left off years prior. We were transitioning a short time after my return, from nightclubs to Gentleman’s Clubs. I was worried about being unemployed soon, but Sam always reassured me he would always find a spot for me.”

“Boy, was I relived to know I could still provide for my daughter. Though most of the nightclub crew disbanded, Sam found things to do for those who were left. I was learning about maintenance and all things that had to do with keeping a building in check. It took all year to get the hang of it, but once I did, I was off and running, Sam gave me a free apartment as compensation for my time,” said Perales.


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