Sam Zherka

“That’s the kind of man Sam Zherka is.”

By: Melissa Williams

Part 3

Just as life was looking pretty good for Perales, his father died unexpectedly at a young age and he became distraught with grief. It ruined him mentally, physically, emotionally, and he felt as if he had lost it all. At this time Perales had just become involved in a new relationship and had another daughter and stepson to provide for.

“Zherka gave my fiancé at the time, a job in the office as a secretary, because he knew everything that was going on at the time; even though I was trying to keep him in the dark. The last thing I wanted was for him to find out that I had gone down this dark path of alcoholism and self-destruction. He helped pay for the funeral and bought beautiful flowers for my father, whom he had only met a few times, but that is just the kind of guy Sam is. Sam knew I was suffering, and my problem became his problem.”

After the funeral, Zherka had asked Perales to come to his office so they could speak. Zherka then took Perales on a ride with him to run some errands, Perales didn’t know what he did to earn a spot in Zherka’s busy life. Zherka ended up talking about his older brother who had died tragically in a car accident. Perales said Zherka explained to him how much he had suffered over the incident, but that he quickly learned to be strong for those that needed him, most importantly his niece and nephew who were now orphans.

Perales quickly realized that he was broken and had not been focusing on his family. After that car ride with Zherka, Perales became so motivated, he got himself mentally and physically healthy and for years he was in a good place. Unfortunately, Perales was involved in a horrible life-threatening a car accident.

“It was horrible for me. My wife and I had broken up, and she had just relocated to Florida. I had just started my own small building management company which Sam help me create. I was getting on my feet and then I had the rug pulled out from under my feet. I was sedated for two weeks to allow my body to heal so they could prep me for surgery. Sam visited me from time to time to talk to me, and although I was unconscious I heard him and all my family members that were there pushing me to make it through. When I woke up my room was filled with flowers and balloons from everyone and it was all Sam’s doing. He wanted to make sure I woke up to a room full of love and he called me to tell me not to worry about any bills, to rest up and get better. He let me know that he would take care of everything financially and gave me the extra boost to pull through, that’s the kind of man Sam Zherka is.”


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