Sam Zherka

“I came to witness countless examples of Sam Zherka’s generosity and humanity towards others.”

By: Melissa Williams

Investment advisor, Santo Agostino has known Sam Zherka for approximately 16 years. “We met through mutual friends and have formed a very close and strong friendship,” he says. “My fondness and respect for Sammy grew more and more over time as I came to witness countless examples of his generosity and humanity towards others, especially those less fortunate.”

“I was in the office one day when one of his tenants, a single mother, called in response to a form letter sent to her regarding her failure to pay her rent for several months,” he recalled. “In response to her explanation of her personal financial hardships, he demonstrated a level of sensitivity I have witnessed on many other occasions, and allowed her to remain in her apartment until she got back onto her feet. Sammy has always been the kind of person who would never turn his back on someone in need and tries to help everyone, whether family, friend, or a member of the community.”

Zherka purchased toys to bring to Maria Fareri Hospital in Westchester and Agostino was also there dressed as Santa Claus. “Sam wanted to be sure we visited each and every room that was occupied by a sick child. As we walked in, to deliver the toys, it was evident that he felt the pain for these children as I saw the tears roll down his cheeks. Sam was happy to bring a little joy to these children in the spirit of Christmas.”

“Jess Campion, a firefighter friend of ours who recently lost his life, made Sammy aware of a child diagnosed with cancer who had been released from Sloan Kettering and lived out of State, but required coding locally to continue his health care. Sammy responded to this need and wrote a check to cover the amount needed,” explained Agostino.

When Agostino’s son was wrongfully terminated from his job, he did not have the money for litigation. Sammy came to his aid, and Agostinos son was able to win a settlement and regain his position. “At the time of the settlement, Sam’s money was returned to him, even though he never asked for it.”

“I know Sammy Zherka to be a proud, generous, compassionate, and humble individual who has risen from poverty through ingenuity, hard work, and drive,” concluded Agsotino.


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